Earth Day Pick Up Lines

Here you will find funny, silly and hilarious earth day pick up lines for teens and adults.

Are you a fossil fuel? Because you're making my temperature rise.
Are you a South American region experiencing the El Nino climatic phenomenon, or are you always this hot?
Are you global warming? Because you're making my world hot as heck.
Are you into forestry? Cause I'm growing some wood right now.
Are you the earth? Because I'd really like to plant my seed in you.

Baby, you're a lot like Earth Day in that you deserve to be celebrated 365 days a year.
Blow my mind as the technology of geothermal heating!
Can I plant my tree in your rain forest?
Care to show me your ozone layer?
Cars pollute, so you can get on my electric scooter.

Did that rising sea-level get your pants wet? We better get you out of those!
Did you know cuddling reduces pollution by 25%?
Do it for Mother Earth.
Do you drive an SUV? Because you're warming my globes...
Do you know where i can find a Hoe so i can plant my tool?

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