Ethnicity Pick Up Lines

Here you will find funny, silly and hilarious ethnicity pick up lines for teens and adults.

Are you from Italy, because you're beautiful and its Turin me apart not see you again.
Are you from Tennesee? ‘Cause you’re the only 10 I see.
Are you from the highest altitude in Mauna Loa Hawaii? Because you're a breath of fresh air.
Are you Swedish? Cause you're the sweetest fish in the sea.
Aren't you that lovely lady from Madrid? 'Cos you make me want to Spain all my life with you.

Baby, you and me gonna ride rough and dirty... on that dilapidated train to Mandalay.
Can I take you out to the Hofbrauhaus? I'd do anything to be German.
Come to Italy; I'll pay for everything, AND take you shopping.
Do you like to move it move it? I know you do cause you’re from Madagascar.
Do you wanna Rome around in Italy for a few days before we go Cuba diving?

Don't you wanna... In Botswana?
Everything has been wonderful since Cayman into my life.
Hey girl, you're looking Varanasi.
Hey there, you Tijuana get out of here and come back to my place?
I didn't know if I should have come over, but I saw you smile and thought Phuket, why not?

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