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A lot of things can be done with you, you know like...things...especially some very bad things.
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  • Submitted by: Miss Cora
Are you tired? Cos you've been running from me all day, baby.
Damn girl, are you CNN? 'Cause I can't even believe you're real.
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  • Submitted by: Andrea
Do you go gold mining? Because you look like you could be my next wife.
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  • Submitted by: ToLimit
Don’t worry about getting caught. I’ll have Mike Pence deny it.

Girl that ass is so sweet, we're going to build a wall around it and you're gonna pay for it.
Girl, imma buy you a ring and you're gonna pay for it.
  • Trump
  • Submitted by: M. Gill
Hey baby are you an illegal immigrant? Cuz I wanna deport you to my bedroom.
Hey girl are you a Native American tribe's drinking water? Cuz I wanna lay some pipe in you.
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  • Submitted by: qwert
Hey there. If you weren't my daughter, I'd probably be dating you.
  • Trump
  • Submitted by: Sullivan

Hey, Sexy. Want to come up and see my ladies’ bathing suit collection?
How about coming back to my room for some Breitbart and chill?
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  • Submitted by: Broke
I am Donald Trump.
I love roleplaying so why don´t you pretend to be Putin and I´ll be Trump and you can show me what a good leader does.
I love you more than Trump loves Trump.
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  • Submitted by: Cristen

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