Barack Obama Pick Up Lines

Here you will find funny, silly and hilarious barack obama pick up lines for teens and adults.

Do you have Obamacare? For, you know, the morning after.
Don't you just love the smell of drones in the morning?
Everything about you makes me want to fuck you, you have a job, pay your bills, AND have healthcare.
Excuse me, are you Barack Obama? Because I think I just fell in love with America.
Excuse me, were your feet injured on your fall from the heavens? Because that kind of injury is covered under the ACA...

Hey babe. I see you raising funds for my campaign. Wanna raise something ELSE for me?
Hey baby. I'll drop your pants faster than my poll numbers.
Hey, would you like to go the hospital and split a colonoscopy?
How about we head back to my place and spread that "wealth" that is your legs?
I have a pen, a phone, and free birth control, so whaddya say?

I knew as soon as I saw you that your private sector is doing fine.
I would love to show you my stimulus package.
I'll show you my oval office if you show me yours.
I'll show you the secret service.
I'm declaring a unilateral date with you. If you don't like that, just agree to go out with me.

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