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Are you a lap counter? Because without you, I'm lost.
There’s a fiesta in my gauchos and you and your maracas are definitely invited!
Line: If I saw your naked body, I’d die happy. Comeback: If I saw your naked body, I’d probably die laughing.
Did you fart? Cuz baby you blew me away.
Want my whisky mouth all over your blonde south?
Will you save me if I have a heart attack from stress?
Stop undressing me with your eyes! Use your teeth!
  • Eyes
  • Submitted by: Frederic P
Remember my name. you’ll be screaming it later.
I don't mind going in blind, as long as I'm comin' out happy.
  • Poker
  • Submitted by: Suzann
Like a Magneton, I’m so attracted to you.