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Are you Selena Gomez? Cause I love you like a love song baby.
Do you like basketball? Why I want to show my Magic Johnson.
I feel like Richard Gere, standing here next to you, the Pretty Woman.
I have crossed oceans of time to find you.Gary Oldman, Bram Stoker’s Dracula
I’m like Harry Houdini, I can make clothes disappear in an instant.
I’m not David Blaine, but I can do magic in bed.
I’ve never wanted a human’s blood so much before.Robert Pattinson in Twilight
Make Paris Hilton look like a Teletubbie.
The name is John. John Holmes.
Well, I'll tell you the truth now. l ain't a real cowboy, but I'm one helluva stud.Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy

You know the sort of girl who doesn't sleep with a man on a first date? Well, I'm not one of those.Emma Thompson to Jeff Goldblum in The Tall Guy
You know, you look a lot like Taylor Swift.
You must be Halle Berry's twin sister; the one they don't talk about because she's much more beautiful.
You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, which doesn't say much for you.Groucho Marx in Duck Soup
Your husband had told me you were the most beautiful woman he'd ever met. I didn't expect the most beautiful woman I'd ever met.George Clooney in Intolerable Cruelty

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