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Are you also into foreign affairs?
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  • Submitted by: Sweetie
Are you in the singles market?
  • EU
  • Submitted by: Chusma
Are you looking to engage in a bilateral internal service consultation? Or straight to the action plan?
Are you on a single market?
Are you ready to invest my funds?

Are you up for a bit of civil dialogue? Or should we stick with the stakeholder engagement?
  • EU
  • Submitted by: Sweetie
As it's our first date, I promise to focus exclusively on your Outermost Regions.
  • EU
  • Submitted by: Fox
Baby, do we need a prenup contract or it is enougth with the TTIP?
  • EU
  • Submitted by: Hodge
Baby, we come from different countries, but tonight let's speak the 24 official languages of love.
Be my Europa and I let you ride on me all night long.
  • EU
  • Submitted by: Julius H

But after the third date it will be a wholly internal situation?
  • EU
  • Submitted by: Arsen
Can we break all the rules together tonight, including the Maastricht and the Lisbon-treaties?
Careful with the TTIP. It's a sensitive area.
  • EU
  • Submitted by: Renata
Could it be that your tunnel is in desperate need of a Eurostar?
  • EU
  • Submitted by: Irish
Currently 49% of UK citizens say they don't want to leave me. Are you one of them?

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