Terrorist Pick Up Lines

Here you will find funny, silly and hilarious terrorist pick up lines for children of all ages, teens and adults.

Are those explosives in your pants, or are you just excited to see me?
Are those real, or are you just packing explosives?
Are u a bomber because u are mind blowing.
Are you a suicide bomber? Because you have blown me away.
Are you mustard gas? 'Cause your beauty is burning my eyes.
Babe, you got dem killer eyes...
Baby are you a detonator because I just blew my load.
Baby, put away the box cutters cause you've hijacked my heart.
Do you have Al-Qaeda ties? 'Cause you've been terrorizing my heart all night.
Ena I'm going to bomb you with love.
Girl you blow me away!
Hey girl my AK-47 isn't as dangerous as my AK-69.
How about I blow up your world?
How'd you get through security? Cause baby you're the bomb.
I wish you were a bomb so you could blow me.

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