Here you will find funny, silly and hilarious climate for children of all ages, teens and adults.

Are you a climate model? Because you are hot.
Are you an environmental charity? Because I think I need to scrutinize your assets.
Are you the reason behind global warming? Because you are really hot.
Are your sea levels rising or are you just happy to see me?
Baby, I like my energy clean and my bedroom dirty, so lets just transition to the sheets.

Baby, looking at you makes me want to be on top like a rooftop garden, underneath like geothermal energy...
Baby, you make me want to get dirtier than clean coal.
  • Climate
  • Submitted by: Mike Pederson
Climate change is scary. At least I've got you!
Coffee, Fair Trade, Organic Tea, or Me.
Did that rising sea-level get your pants wet? We better get you out of those!

Do you want to be friends with co-benifits?
Don't say you've got a girlfriend, cuz that would be an inconvenient truth.
Don't worry, we don't need more protection, our's is world class.
Fracking is hazardous to your health... and baby, you're killing me!
Girl I love it when you move your assets like that.

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