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Are you a lead in a musical? Because I want you so badly.
Are you a mic pack? because i want you in my pants.
Are you a new costume because i want to get inside you.
Are you a script from a previous show? Because I'll never forget you.
Are you a spotlight cause you're blinding me and making it hard to wall.

Are you auditions? Because you make me sweat.
Are you brandon razo? Cuz you sure brighten my day up.
Are you glow tape? Cause you're all I can see.
Are you method acting because you're really in my head.
Are you mic tape? Cause I want you leaving scars all over my body.

Are you my lines? because i'll never forget you.
Are you my lines? Cuz I'll never forget you.
Are you that line i just brutally messed up? because i can't stop thinking about you.
Are you that scene I messed up? Because I can't stop thinking about you.
Are you the LD today? Because you're all I can focus on.

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