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All this lidocaine and I still have feelings for you.
Are you a BD Pen Needle? Because you are Ultra-Fine.
Are you a box of BD pen needles? Because you are ultra-fine.
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  • Submitted by: Cherrie Canizales
Are you lithium cuz I'm thirsty for you.
Babe you make me so happy you give me serotonin syndrome.

Can you help me with my hypotension as I like I'm falling for you.
Do you have a vitamin deficiency? Because I think you're in need of some Vitamin Me.
Do you have an inhaler? You took my breath away.
Do you have Antabuse? Because I'm intoxicated by you!
Do you wanna feel for my femoral artery PMI.

Even Pepcid AC can’t stop my heart from burning for you.
Girl do you have an arrythmia? Cuz you're on fleek-anide!
Girl you got a nice volume of distribution...I'd really like fill up your bathtub.
Girl you so sweet I’m gonna need a Metformin prescription.
Girl, you're so expensive, my insurance is requiring a prior authorization before our first date.

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