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234 years ago today Uranus was discovered. What are you up to tonight?
According to Marx, there’s an uprising in my lower class.
Are you a historical landmark? Because Eiffel for you.
Are you an early hominid? Because I've got a Homo Erectus right now.
Are you from the 1930's? Because you've got a Great D.

Are you Jefferson Davis? Cause you're making the south rise.
Are you manifest destiny? Because I believe it is my right to acquire you.
Are you related to Henry Clay? Cause baby you compromise too much and I just wanna make friction.
Are you the Manhattan Project? Because you're the bomb.
Are you the Weimar Republic? Because you’ve given me a serious case of hyperinflation.

Are you Upton Sinclair? Because I'd love for you to inspect my meat.
Baby you could even make the Cold War hot!
Baby you turn my bronze into iron!
Baby you’re hotter than Rome under Nero.
Baby, you are hotter than the Great Fire of London.

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