Wrestling Pick Up Lines

Here you will find funny, silly and hilarious wrestling pick up lines for teens and adults.

Are you a Prime Time Player baby? Because you're worth millions of dollars.
Are you CM Punk? Because you're the best in my world.
Are you Matt Hardy? Because meeting you was a twist of fate.
Are you Roman Reigns? Cuz I'd love for you spear me all night long.
Are you Sister Abigail? Because you got my whole world into your hand.

Are you the Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania? Cause I'm about to conquer you.
Call me Bray Wyatt because I'm going to kidnap you.
Call me Daniel Bryan because by the end of the night you will be screaming "YES YES YES"!
Call me Jake The Snake cause I'm gonna put Damian on your face.
Call me Sheamus because I'll finish in 18 seconds...

Do you like JR because I'm gonna slobber all over those knockers.
Do you wanna go over me tonight?
Each young lady longs for wedding a wrestler.
Every girl dreams of marrying a wrestler.
For a second there I thought I was fighting Steve Austin, because I'm looking at a stone cold stunner.

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