Here you will find funny, silly and hilarious hunting for teens and adults.

Are you a hole? Cause I'm digging you.
Baby, you're so exotic. I've had my Eagle Eye on you from across the room all night.
Don't worry baby I've got you in my cross hairs.
Hey baby, you bring out the Beast within me.
I may be the hunter, but you can tame me anytime.
I must be a deer tick, because I'm stuck on you.
I'll show you my rack if you show me yours.
I'm a buck in the rut, baby you're my doe in heat.
I'm in the rut baby, and you're my doe in heat.
If you were a buck you'd be a great kill: a big rack and a nice ass.

If you were a deer, I'd let you walk.
If you were a deer... I'd shoot you.
Is your daddy a hunter. 'Cause your such a fox!
The deer is not the only one horny.
Why yes, I *am* a hunter. Would you like to come over and play with my kitty?
Your rack is nicer than the last Buck I shot.

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