Insulting Pick Up Lines

Here you will find funny, silly and hilarious insulting pick up lines for teens and adults.

Are those butterflies in my stomach? Oh wait you're just making me sick.
Are you Jamaican? Because Jamaican me want to vomit in your face!
Are you Netflix? because i think you're a complete waste of time and you get me bored and I'm done!
Are you related to Jesus? Because you're pretty good with getting nailed.
Babe, you smell like shit, sorry!
Baby, are you a Mexican snack? Because you're corny and cheesy as fuck.
Baby, you're like a white dwarf star...extremely hot, but not very bright.
Did it hurt when you fell from heaven... and landed on your face?
Did you fall from heaven? Cause your face is pretty messed up!
Do you have a mirror in your pocket? Because your pants are big enough to fit one.
Fuck me if I'm wrong, but aren't you extremely fugly?
Girl, are you a man or a woman? Cuz you got me in a trance.
Girl, you're mildly attractive. I almost had to do a single take!
God must of been angry at your parents when he made you.
Hey baby, I like that dress, but I’d like it better if it were on a prettier girl.

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