Supernatural Pick Up Lines

Here you will find funny, silly and hilarious supernatural pick up lines for teens and adults.

A literal angel would not be an easy target. How would you flirt with Cas?
Are you a demon? Because I want you inside me.
Are you a Leviathan? Because you make my dick rise.
Are you a phoenix? ‘Cause baby you’re burning me up.
Are you a Qareen? Coz you are ripping my heart right out!

Are you a relative of Castiel ? Because it looks just like an angel to me.
Are you a trickster? Because I would love to put my stake in you.
Are you a Trickster? Cause I'd love to put my stake in you.
Are you an angel? because that’s a big enochian sword you’ve got there.
Are you Azazel? Because you heat my body like noone else.

Are you Dean Winchester? Because I could see myself falling for you.
Are you made of demon blood? Because baby I’m addicted to you.
Are you Mary Winchester because baby you're on FIRE.
Are you my vessel? Cause I'd love to get inside you.
Are you the Croatoan virus? Because baby I’m going crazy for you.

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