Doctor Who

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A cyberman couldn't delete you from my heart. Not going to lie this is kind of sweet.
Are you a cyborg? Because you take my breath away.
Are you a Dalek? Cause you’ve been rolling through my mind all night.
Are you a Sontaran? because every time I see you I faint.
Are you a Tardis? Cause when I look into your eyes I feel like I'm flying around the universe.

Are you a weeping angel? 'Cause I can't take my eyes off you.
Are you a weeping angel? Because I could stare at you all day.
Are you an angel? Because I haven't blinked since I first saw your face.
Are you the Master’s drums? Cause I can’t get you out of my head.
Are you the Tardis? Cause I bet you’re bigger on the inside.

As a Time lord i would spend all twelve lives with you!
Baby, you just gave me Torchwood.
Baby, you're the fish fingers to my custard.
Be my companion” and “I am yours, as you are mine.
Because life is short and you are hot.

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