Star Trek

Here you will find funny, silly and hilarious star trek for teens and adults.

Are you wearing some unusual kind of perfume... Or something radioactive, my dear?
Baby u can violate my prime directive any day.
Baby, you're deep space fine.
Baby, your phasers are set to stunning.
Beam me up, hottie.

Can I regenerate in your alcove?
Can I take a ride on your warpcore?
Come check out my photons. I've got a full spread.
Damn girl are you a dilithium powered nacelle? 'Cause you make my heart beat at warp speed.
Earth woman, prepare to be probed!

Forgive my Kirk-like boldness, but you wanna go back to my mom’s place and watch ‘Dr. Who’?
Have you got a little Trill in you? 'Cause I'd love to put a worm in your belly.
Hey baby, wanna calibrate my tricorder?
Hey Chief, how about you beam our pants into space, wide dispersal pattern.
Hey, it’s about time you docked that shuttle!

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