Native American Pick Up Lines

Here you will find funny, silly and hilarious native american pick up lines for teens and adults.

Are you a Native American princess? You know how to summon my spirit animal.
Are you a nightmare? Because I got my dream catcher ready for you.
Are you a plains native? To me, you're anything but plain!
Are you doing the smoke dance? Or am I just getting mixed signals?
Are you from the beaver clan, because damn.

Are you from the sun clan? Cuz you light up my world!
Are you from the wolf clan? Because you certainly have my heart howling!
Are you Pocahontas? Because I want to poke-your-hot-ass.
Are you tired? Because you've been round dancing through my mind all day!
Baby, come and light my sacred fire.

Baby, you're like the mighty buffalo. My people will use every part of you.
Being with you is better than any dreamcatcher I've ever had.
Can i take a picture of you so I can show the Great Spirit what I want for my birthday?
Damn baby, when I saw you jingle dancing over there, I had to put my mothers shall on my lap.
Damn baby, you got legs like a mustang.

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