Christian Pick Up Lines

Here you will find funny, silly and hilarious christian pick up lines for teens and adults.

Are you a Pharisee? Because you're the fairest one I see.
Are you a preacher? Cause you have beautiful feet!
Are you hot or is that just the holy spirit burning inside you?
Are you saved? Cuz I’d like to spend eternity with you.
Are you the moon? Because I definitely see you reflecting the Son.

Are you the Promised Land? Cause I got lost in your eyes.
Baby, I don't speak in tongues, but I kiss that way.
Baby, you've definitely risen me from the dead!
Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
Did you walk around me 7 times? Because I fell for you.

Do you need prayer? Because I'd love to lay hands on you.
Do you need prayer? Because I'm certainly willing to lay hands on you.
Excuse me ma'am, but may I sin all over your bosoms?
Excuse me, I believe one of your ribs belongs to me.
Excuse me, is your name Grace? Because you are so amazing.

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