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Are you a queen? Because i would be more than happy to fly my flag for you.
Are you from Sheffield? Because you’re steeling my heart.
Are you from South England? Cause you Brighton up my day.
Are you from the U.K? Because I want U, K?
Are you Welsh? Because I'll make you Wale.

Charles Dickens might have given you Great Expectations, but I can meet them.
Cream tea followed by bedroom croquet?
Do you plan on going to see Big Ben anytime soon, because he's right here in my pants.
Hey babe, can I colonize your land and exploit you for your natural resources.
I don't mean to be forword, but you seem fit for breeding.
  • British
  • Submitted by: Alex Appleton

I have tea.
I just brushed my teeth, ladies.
I wanna Margaret your Thatcher.
I would love to live in Yorkshire, because it Leeds me to your heart.
If you want to see a castle, I'll show you a castle.

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