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Are you Asian? Because you just stole my heart.
Are you from South Korea? Cause I can tell that you're my Seoul-mate.
Are you from the Philippines? Because I wanna Phil you with my penis.
  • Asian
  • Submitted by: Frankie
Are you Vietnamese? Cause I'm falling pho you.
Baby, you like the rice. Because I never get sick of you.
Baby, your teeth are as white as my rice.
Can I be the fortune in your cookie?
Ching ching chung, I can please you with my tongue.
  • Asian
  • Submitted by: debra
Do you always keep around a samurai sword?
Do you have yellow fever? Because I can be your cure.
For an Asian girl, you sure are cool.
  • Asian
  • Submitted by: Martin
Girl do you eat eggplant... because your body is bangan.
  • Asian
  • Submitted by: Angie
Girl, you're the fried to my rice, the solution to my equation, and the squint to my eyes.
Has anyone ever told you you look like Chun Li? You know, that chic from Street Fighter 2.
Hey baby, I got curry, whats the hurry?
  • Asian
  • Submitted by: Brian Knapp

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