Mexican Pick Up Lines

Here you will find funny, silly and hilarious mexican pick up lines for teens and adults.

Are you a bottle of tabasco sauce? Because i'd like to lose your top.
Are you a bottle of Tabasco sauce? Cause I’d like to lose your top.
Are you a tamale? Cuz youre hot!
Are you Mexican cause you should make me some burritos.
Are you Mexican cause you're my Juan and only.

Ay caramba! You're hotter than a jalepeño in the Mexican desert.
Baby, you're the light in my corona.
Boy let me make you a nice, hot tamale.
Can I beat your pinata?
Can I dip my Chorizo in your salsa?

Can I stuff your taco with my beef?
Can you be the fence that keeps me from freedom?
Can you put some hot sauce on my enchilada, I need some spice in my life.
Chica, you’re like a Pinata, cause I’d definitely hit that!
Do you like jalapenos? 'Cause I'm about to be jalapeno pussy tonight.

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