Mexican Pick Up Lines

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Are you a bottle of tabasco sauce? Because i'd like to lose your top.
Are you a bottle of Tabasco sauce? Cause I’d like to lose your top.
Are you a tamale? Cuz youre hot!
Are you Mexican cause you should make me some burritos.
Are you Mexican cause you're my Juan and only.
Ay caramba! You're hotter than a jalepeño in the Mexican desert.
Baby, you're the light in my corona.
Boy let me make you a nice, hot tamale.
Can I beat your pinata?
Can I dip my Chorizo in your salsa?

Can I stuff your taco with my beef?
Can you be the fence that keeps me from freedom?
Can you put some hot sauce on my enchilada, I need some spice in my life.
Chica, you’re like a Pinata, cause I’d definitely hit that!
Do you like jalapenos? 'Cause I'm about to be jalapeno pussy tonight.
Do you like jalapeños? 'Cause I'm gonna be jalapeño pussy.
Do you like jalapeños? Cause in a minute ill be jalapeños pants.
Do you like tacos? Well cool you like 75% of me.
Do you wanna go some place quiet, so we can talk? I'm a very taco-tive person.

Excuse me bonita seniorita you dropped your halo.
Girl, are you a piñata? Cuz I definitely hit that.
Hey baby, I have a green card.
Hey baby, you want a green card?
Hey girl are you mexican, 'cause you illegally came into my mind.
Hey! Cabezona! Come here girl.
Hey, my friend just saw you from across the Salsa line. You're the cause of Hispanic attack.
Hey, you like chorizo?
Hola señorita would you like to be a señora?

I devoted my life to get to this country. Now that I am here I will devote my life to show you love & affection.
I got the chorizo, you bring the eggs. Un-fertilized por favor.
I jumped the border to I bet I can jump the border to you're heart.
I lost my social security number can I have yours?
I love you more than a flour tortilla with beans!
I may not be your cup of tea, but I'm a great shot of tequila.
I see you've got some tequila there, does that mean you're willing to give me a shot?
I want to be Popocatépetl to your Iztaccíhuatl, except your not dead just fucking drunk.
I want to put my burrito in your taco.

I would totally lick your guacaholey.
I'd let you cross my border.
I'll be the hot sauce on your taco.
I'm normlly not really upfront about these kind of things but.. baby I want you to mow my lawn...
I'm not talking about books when I tell you I'll take you across the border.
Is your enchilada buttered?
I’d cross borders for you.
Ladies if you saw how good I take care of my yards, just imagine how I'd take care of your heart.
Let me sauce up your taco meat baby!

Mami are ju a man, cause you can be the Juan.
May I add my guacamole to your taco?
May I... Take you out for some tamales señorita?
Maya got a nice tan in Mexico, maybe next time Yucatan with me?

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