Apple Pick Up Lines

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Are you into role playing? You be the iPad, I’ll be Steve.
Are you my new iPhone? Cause I can't stop staring at you in public.
Babe, let's sync and see what happens.
  • Apple
  • Submitted by: nicole
Babe, you are so beautiful, even an iphone ad can't make you look cuter.
  • Apple
  • Submitted by: Evora B.
Baby, do you want to FaceTime with me?

Baby, if you were an iPhone 5, I would tap you all day!
Baby, I’m all the AppleCare you’ll ever need.
Check out the new operating system...IN MY PANTS!
  • Apple
  • Submitted by: Matthias
Damn girl, good thing you don't have that new iPhone, because those jeans are tight.
Did it hurt when you fell from iCloud?

Did you know my iphone is also a remote control? Lets go somewhere remote and you can have control.
  • Apple
  • Submitted by: mrlady73
Girl, I have 6"+ .... In my pants.
Girl, if you were an Apple Watch, you'd be Edition.
Girl, you look so good in that dress—makes you look retina display sharp and vibrant.
Go down on me like my phone's battery.

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