Marine Life Pick Up Lines

Here you will find funny, silly and hilarious marine life pick up lines for teens and adults.

A shark just ate my girlfriend. Will you be my new one?
And I shell always love you.
Are you a blue lobster? 'Cause you're one in two million!
Are you a cephalopod? Because you octopi my thoughts.
Are you a sea lion? Because I wanna sea you lion in my bed tonight!
Are you a shark? Because I got some swimmers for you to swallow.Shark
Are you a smelt? Because you're the only caplin I sea.
Are you an octopus? Because you octopi my thoughts.Octopus
Are you an octopus? Cuz you octopi my thoughts.Octopus
Are you just pleased to meet me, or is that an Architeuthis in your trousers?Octopus

Are you Swedish? Cause you're the sweetest fish in the sea.
Are your breasts made of sand? Because I want to bury my head in them.Ostrich
Baby, you make my heart jump like the fishes in Lahad Datu Sabah.
Brrr! My arms are cold. Can I warm them in your heaving mantle?Octopus
Can I crab that ass?
Caviar or caviaren't you coming home with me tonight?
Didn't I see you on the cover of Marine Biology Monthly?
Do ya mind if I stick this under your mantle?Octopus
Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I have to swim past you again?

Do you know the difference between my hectocotylus and a calamari ring? No??? Well, let's go on a picnic and find out!Octopus
Do you like seafood? Because I've got crabs.
Does your pussy smell like fish because I like sushi.
Fish, did you fall from heaven or do you just taste that good.
Hey babe, let's do it dolphin style.Dolphin
Hey girl, are you a cephalochordate?? Cause ill HEAD over to your place any day.
How do you like your phytoplankton?
I enjoy cocktails and midnight strolls along the beach... want to dig a giant breeding hole together?Turtle
I feel clamplete when I have you here in my fins.

I got a dick like Moby and the motion of the ocean....
I hope you're amphibious. because you take my breath away.
I love the ocean of your eyes!
I really respect a mollusk who doesn't have to hide in a shell, and can just be herself.Octopus
I wanna put it in your blow hole.
I whale shower you with love.Whale
I'd gladly be caught in a net with you.
I'd love to explore the depths of your sea.
I'd swim the deepest ocean for you. And I'm not just saying that cause I'd do it anyway. Cause I'm a fish.

I'm a sperm whale. Seriously, what more do I need to say?
I've called heaven and told them they must me missing an angel fish.
If I told you you had great chromatophores, would you hold them against me?
If I was an octopus, all my 3 hearts would beat for you.Octopus
If you sit up front, I'll make you wet.
If you were a fish, you’d be a Clownfish.Clownfish
Is this catch and release, cause I don't want to let you go.
Let's goby somewhere alone.Fish
My shell or yours?

Some scientists classify me as "vulgaris", but I'm really sweet once you get to know me.Octopus
There are plenty of fish in the sea but you're the only one I'd like to catch and mount back at my place.
Wanna be my cuddlefish?
What do you say we get the flock out of here?Sea Gulls

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