Dog Pick Up Lines

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A day with you is like an eternity of behind-the-ear scratches.
Are you an archaeologist? Because I?ve got a very large bone for you to examine
  • Dog
  • Submitted by: Franco
Are you tired? Because you've been running through my mind all day with a frisbee in your mouth.
  • Dog
  • Submitted by: Sorner
Baby, you are what I call a hot dog!
Can I get you a tennis ball?
  • Dog
  • Submitted by: LeGod
Can you help me find someplace to pee?
Come on, don’t make me beg!
  • Dog
  • Submitted by: Suzan M.
Did you win "best in show"? Because you sure are a winner to me.
  • Dog
  • Submitted by: carlye
Do you believe in cross-breding?
  • Dog
  • Submitted by: laura42
Dog heaven must be missing an angel.

Doggy style?
Don Knick, Paddy-wack, only gave this dog a bone.
ee, your ass smells terrific!
Have your people call my people.
Haven't I sniffed you someplace before?
Hello baby, know it has given me a new leash on life.
Hello there, beautiful… looking for an Alpha Dog?
  • Dog
  • Submitted by: Sara
Hey baby, meeting you has given me a new leash on life.
Hey Gorgeous, can I buy you a liver treat?

Hey gurlll want to help me bury my bone?
  • Dog
  • Submitted by: Rylan
Hey there, beautiful... looking for an Alpha dog?
  • Dog
  • Submitted by: Mary
How do I tell my dog he was adopted?
I am looking for a leash-free relationship.
  • Dog
  • Submitted by: Calis
I came here looking for a little tail.
I don't know who let the dogs out but I'm sure glad they did.
I don't normally pick up at the park. I let my owner do it.
  • Dog
  • Submitted by: Abby
I love to be pawed.
  • Dog
  • Submitted by: Madlyn Mcquire
I must be a Dog Tick, because I'm stuck on you.

I smelled you down the street, and my nose brought me right to you.
  • Dog
  • Submitted by: Eliz
I think this is love at first sniff
  • Dog
  • Submitted by: Will Thomas
I'll let you sniff mine if i can sniff yours.
I'll sniff your butt if you sniff mine.
I'm crazier than a Beagle in a vacuum factory, baby!
  • Dog
  • Submitted by: vannah
I'm looking for a no-strings-attached cuddle buddy.
I've crossed all the dog parks in the world to find you.
If I were a dog would you help me bury my bone?
Is it warm in here, or are you in heat?
  • Dog
  • Submitted by: Ricardo

Is it warm out here, or are you in heat?
  • Dog
  • Submitted by: Star
Is that your dog’s tail wagging or are you just happy to see me?
It was love at first sniff.
  • Dog
  • Submitted by: Delsa
I’ll be your Tramp if you’ll be my Lady.
  • Dog
  • Submitted by: Eliz
I’m a poodle in the streets but a bulldog in the sheets.
Knick-knack, Paddy-wack, you just gave this dog a bone.
  • Dog
  • Submitted by: harmony
My dog is humping your dog — it’s fate!
  • Dog
  • Submitted by: Thomas
My favorite position is doggie-style. What’s yours?
My, your butt smells delightful!

Pee here often?
Roll over. I’ll scratch your belly
Since chocolate is toxic to me, how ’bout a little sugar?
  • Dog
  • Submitted by: JR
Sniff my butt. It’s the quickest way to my heart.

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