Video Game Pick Up Lines

Here you will find funny, silly and hilarious video game pick up lines for teens and adults.

Hey baby, is your name scorpion because your body is telling me to 'get over here'.Mortal Kombat
Hey baby, your soul is mine!Mortal Kombat
Hey ladies. Come with me, you're flying so high you won't regret meeting me.Sonic the Hedgehog‏
Hey, can you help me find that damn 4th Chaos Emerald? I'm pretty sure it's in your pants...Sonic the Hedgehog
Hey, Lara. Can I raid your tomb?Tomb Raider

I always gotta go fast, gurl. But not in the bedroom.Sonic the Hedgehog‏
I have a RPG in my pants if you know what I mean.Grand Theft Auto
I hope you have a power pellet on you baby. Because I have erectile dysfunction.Pac-Man
I like the color of your fireball.Street Fighter
I need experience points. Will you help?

I promise I won't rip your heart out.Mortal Kombat
I wanna Dash Straight into your heart.Street Fighter
I wouldn't mind eating your cherry.Pac-Man
I'd flap my bird for you.
I'd like to roll you over my barrel.Donkey Kong

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