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Are you a chainsaw murderer? Cuz I am head over heels.
Are you Freddy Krueger? Because you make me wanna stay up all night long.
Are you Hannibal Lecter, 'cause I want you to...
Did you came out of the TV or is it just me?
Does this napkin smell like chloroform?
  • Horror
  • Submitted by: Steve1234

Girl, I'd make you scream more than Michael Myers.
Hey baby. You turn me on as quickly leather face turns on his chainsaw!
Hey girl are you Freddy Kruger because you've been in my dreams.
I wouldn't harm you any more than I would my own Mother.Norman Bates
I'm Jason and I won't stop til you're mine like it's Friday the 13th.

I've only got eyes for you.Evil-doer in Pan's Labyrinth
If your love is Crystal Lake then I'm Jason Voorhees. Cause I drowning in it.
Is that a chainsaw or are you just happy to see me?
Is that a machete in your pocket or are you happy to...oh...
Is that a machete in your pocket or you just happy to see me?

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