Zombie Pick Up Lines

Here you will find funny, silly and hilarious zombie pick up lines for children of all ages, teens and adults.

Are you a zombie? Because I will totally let you eat me.
Are you an academic? Because I'd like to pick your brain.
Are your legs tired? 'Cause you've been running away from me all day.
Baby, it would be a grave mistake not to go out with me.
Baby, where you been all my undeath...

Brain is a major turn on. Your brain is.
Can I pick your brain?
Can I put this guys arm around you?
Can you help look for my eyes? Because I think they're on you.
Care for a Bloody Mary? She's over there, I think there's still some left.

Come over tonight so I can eat you out.
Damn, if being tasty was a crime, you'd be guilty as charged!
Dead or alive you are coming with me!
Did you fall from heaven? 'Cause you're looking delicious.
Do you believe in love at first bite or should I bite you again?

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