Vampire Pick Up Lines

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Are those fangs or are you just happy to see me?
Are those mirrors on your pants? Because I can't see any vampires in them.
Are those your teeth or are you just happy to see me?
Are you a vampire? Because your good looks drive me batty.
Are you Tremere? Because you've got me under your spell.
Baby, you’re so beautiful, I’d take 1,000 bites just to get one kiss from you.
Can I be your maker? I'll show you a life like you've never dreamed.
Can I have a little taste of your carotid artery?
Did you just get a parking ticket from a vampire? Cause you have fine written all over your neck.
Do you believe in love at first bite?

Do you have Dementation? 'Cause your driving me mad!
Girl, I'll bite you any day!
Give me a sketchbook baby, because I want to draw your blood.
Has anyone ever told you that you have a lovely carotid artery?
Hey babe, you're hot AF. Even hotter than most of the vampires I've burned.
Hey baby are you a straw? Cause I wanna suck on you.
Hey baby, what's your blood type?
Hey big boy, I bet you can stay up all night.
Hey, where have you been all my afterlife?

How's about this time I stake you...
I can make your heart beat again.
I fell in blood the first time I saw you!
  • Vampire
  • Submitted by: Anna B Johnson
I have died everyday waiting for you.
I hope you bite. I'd love to be a vampire!
I like your veins. Will you go out with me?
I vant to suck your blood. Also your tits.
  • Vampire
  • Submitted by: Theresa Watson
I want you inside of me. Preferably your blood.
I wish you were a vampire so we could do some necking.

I would suck you so hard.
I'm a vampire in the streets, and a devil in the sheets.
I'm hungry, may I nibble on your neck?
I'm no vampire but I'm fine with getting no sleep and biting your neck all night.
  • Vampire
  • Submitted by: Snowden Widmaier
I've never wanted a humans blood so much.
If I said you had a beautiful corpse, would you hold it against me?
If I turn into a bat can I hide in your cave?
  • Vampire
  • Submitted by: Daniel McAuley
If I was a vampire, I'd pick you as my puzzle and spend a lifetime to try and figure you out.
If I wasn't a vampire, my heart'd be beating real fast right now.

Is it true what they say about lady vampires? That they really know how to suck?
Is that a stake in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
Is that a wooden spike in your pocket or you just happy to see me?
Is that bloodlust I’m sensing ... or just lust?
Is there room for two in your coffin?
Is your vagina bleeding or are you just happy to see me?
It wouldn't be like drinking your blood for instance..
Listen to them, children of the night. Let’s give them some competition.
My blood type? It's... yours.

My coffin isn't the only hard wood around here.
My coffin or yours?
  • Vampire
  • Submitted by: AreYouMyMommy
Once you go Drac, you never go back.
So you're a slayer? I like that in a woman.

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