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Are you a birthing member of the human race? If so, I need your body.
Are you an energy-based life form? Because you make me tingly.
  • Alien
  • Submitted by: o0o0o
Aye girrrrl, what planet are YOU from? Can I get yo galactic coordinates?
Babe your ass is like from outer-space, your legs are just out of this world.
Did you fall from space? Cause your body is out of this world.
Do you wanna take a ride? because this ship goes light speed.
Do you want to see my spaceship?
Don't take this the wrong way, but you have a glorious zarthon.
  • Alien
  • Submitted by: Molly
Dude, are you... an alien?
Even if space is endless, I'd still find you baby.

Greetings. Would it be satisfactory to purchase you an alcohol induced beverage and maybe reproduce together afterwards?
Hey attractive, come to this reality often?
  • Alien
  • Submitted by: Adam A
Hey Earthling, what else do you suppose we can do with that large hadron collider of yours?
Hey I know we just met this is crazy but go ahead Abduct me baby.
  • Alien
  • Submitted by: _caifo_
I feel a powerful attraction to your smell. I guess that means we should mate.
  • Alien
  • Submitted by: Scott
I promise I'm not faster than the speed of light.
I wonder what our kids would look like...
I'd like to mutilate your cattle, if you know what I mean.
  • Alien
  • Submitted by: Karin
I'm gonna need to tax your foreign body.

If I told you you had a celestial body would you hold it against me?
If you hop on my spaceship I'll show you the motherland.
If you like my big black eyes there's more between my thighs.
Is it permissible to masticate and consume the genetic donors of your binary species during copulation?
  • Alien
  • Submitted by: Dr. Love
Is that a parasite you're sticking down my throat or are you just happy to see me?
Is that a xenomorph in your pants or are you just happy to see me?
Is that verucan horned parasite or are you just happy to see me?
  • Alien
  • Submitted by: Bryan
Is your dad an alien because your out of this world.
Must be hard looking at me since you lost your UFO. Cuz you're out of this world!

Oh, I see you brought a facehugger. How about I just hug your face instead...with my thighs baby.
Oh, you look lovely this evening. Have you decreased in mass?
Prepare for an invasion of epic proportions.
  • Alien
  • Submitted by: Steppa
So...Is this your first abduction?
  • Alien
  • Submitted by: miss janie
Wanna probe?
  • Alien
  • Submitted by: melty
Woah... Are you a girl?
  • Alien
  • Submitted by: Amber
You are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise all-too-nitrogenous atmosphere.
You're so beautiful, you look like you're from another planet.
Your eyes are made from stardust... and everything else alive, even microbes.

Your face looks like it could use a hug.
Your Spaceship or mine?

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