Video Game Pick Up Lines

Here you will find funny, silly and hilarious video game pick up lines for teens and adults.

Wanna see something on the Hardest setting?Street Fighter
Want me to raid your tomb?Tomb Raider
Watch out I just ate a big dot, now I'm coming after you.Pac-Man
When I get done with you girl, you'll be saying "Wow Kahn".Mortal Kombat
Will you be my player two?

With me, there's always a round 3.Mortal Kombat
You have the key to my chest, inside is my heart.
You just gave a spinning bird kick to my heart.Street Fighter
You make my heart go waka waka waka waka.Pac-Man
You're like the orange piece, beautiful and hard to come by.Tetris

Your beauty rivals the graphics of Doom 3.

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