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Today's the day! May the curves be ever in your favor, you're all fineapples.
  • Food
  • Submitted by: kiana
Wanna ride in the back seat and eat peas with me?
  • Food
  • Submitted by: Wolfrider
Wanna take a look at my meat thermometer?
Was your daddy a baker? Because you look like a cake, and I'd like to put frosting on your butt, and eat you.
We go together like a burger and fries.

We should pear up!
Will you be the burger to my smash.
Will you be the duck sauce to my egg roll?
Will you let me be the avocado in your turkey sandwich?
  • Food
  • Submitted by: *Derrick*
Would you like me to butter your muffin?

You are the glaze to my donut.
You attract a lot of foodstuff. Baseline, you're attractive.
You brought so much good food, I wonder what we can do with it all...
You can scramble my egg.
  • Food
  • Submitted by: john
You look like a bowl of ice cream, I just gotta spoon you.
  • Food
  • Submitted by: UntilTheEnd

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