Here you will find funny, silly and hilarious food for teens and adults.

Dang girl, do you make tacos? Cuz I really want some of that lengua.
Did you just fall from heaven? Because you look as tasty as an angel food cake.
Dinner is on me. I know the chef.
Do you believe in love at first bite or should I add more cheese?
  • Food
  • Submitted by: Henrik
Do you know the difference between a hamburger and a blow job? No! Well in that case, do you wanna do lunch?
  • Food
  • Submitted by: Daisy K.

Do you know where the pasta is? I’m feeling a little saucy.
  • Food
  • Submitted by: Jeff Mueller
Do you like Bacon? Wanna strip?
  • Food
  • Submitted by: cazij
Do you want to get a beavertail and get outta here.
Even ice cream melts in my hand, why don't you?
Excuse me? Do you work at Little Ceasars? Cause you're hot and I'm ready.
  • Food
  • Submitted by: darron

Girl are you a bottle of sriracha sauce? Because you're some hot stuff.
  • Food
  • Submitted by: Zak
Has anyone ever told you’ve got beautiful fries?
  • Food
  • Submitted by: Jon
Have you ever seen a guy eat an entire can of pinto beans in under 10 seconds? Would you like to?
Hey baby, are you Little Caesars because you look hot and ready.
  • Food
  • Submitted by: Jordan
Hey baby, let's find something to taco 'bout.

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