Animal Pick Up Lines

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Look into my compound eyes and say you'll eat our young.
Look, love, you're a star nosed mole so you can't afford to by choosy, wanna do it?
Looking at you makes me drool. Of course everything really makes me drool.
Meet me at the water dish, I'll buy you a drink.
My tongue goes places you've only dreamed about.

Normally my species is cold blooded, but around you I am hot blooded.
  • Animal
  • Submitted by: Tarra Ensminger
One camel to another... Wanna Hump?
Put your junk in my trunk.Elephant
Quit lion, you sexy thing.
She is a sheep cause your body is unbaaaaalievable.

Sheeps, I'm flattered!
So I hear you like snakes...I have one its called a "trouser snake".
  • Animal
  • Submitted by: Angela Malsbury
So, after he feeds us, how 'bout we check out the view from behind the creepy plastic diver and his plastic treasure?
So, do you like it... Ruff?
  • Animal
  • Submitted by: harry.potter
So? Your nest or mine?

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